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How to create a VR/360º experience using Voxelscope

Creating Virtual Reality and 360º content shouldn’t be so hard or expensive. That’s why we built Voxelscope! With Voxelscope Drag and Drop platform, everyone can easily take their business marketing to the next level by creating VR showrooms, virtual stores, training modules, interactive videos and much more. After creating the experience, you can embed it…
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How to edit and illustrate 360º photos using Photoshop

Sometimes, when creating VR Showrooms/Virtual Stores or starting a new 360 interactive banner campaign with Voxelscope’s platform you might want to edit the pictures before uploading them to the platform. One way to do this is to use Photoshop CC 2018 (the previous versions do not have the “Spherical Panorama” feature that allows us to…
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Best practices for stunning 360 property photography

Creating amazing VR experiences starts with the initial image capture. Here you can find 7 tips in order to take stunning 360 pictures of your properties. 1- Prepare the place before beginning the shoot by opening all the blinds and turning on all lights. 2- Adjust your tripod/monopod so that the centre of the camera…
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