Best practices for stunning 360 property photography

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Best practices for stunning 360 property photography

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Creating amazing VR experiences starts with the initial image capture. Here you can find 7 tips in order to take stunning 360 pictures of your properties.

1- Prepare the place before beginning the shoot by opening all the blinds and turning on all lights.

2- Adjust your tripod/monopod so that the centre of the camera is approximately 160cm off of the ground.

3- Avoid the reflection of the camera on mirrors.

4- If possible, use HDR. High Dynamic Range is useful when there is a significant contrast between a darker interior and a brighter exterior.

5- Open the doors between scenes and make sure that “links” are visible. Opening the doors makes the viewer feel that they are actually walking through the house. Make sure the link icon is visible near/on top of the door so the viewer knows that it is possible to follow this direction.

6- Links should be added in pairs. If the hall connects to the kitchen, then the kitchen should connect back to the hall.

7- Preview your experience before publishing to detect possible mistakes.


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