How to edit and illustrate 360º photos using Photoshop

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How to edit and illustrate 360º photos using Photoshop

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Sometimes, when creating VR Showrooms/Virtual Stores or starting a new 360 interactive banner campaign with Voxelscope’s platform you might want to edit the pictures before uploading them to the platform. One way to do this is to use Photoshop CC 2018 (the previous versions do not have the “Spherical Panorama” feature that allows us to work with 360º images).


To edit/ illustrate on an equirectangular photograph:

1- Open Photoshop and open an equirectangular photography (can be shoot with a 360º camera such as Ricoh Theta or with a phone using a stitching app)

2- The image will open in equirectangular format. To see how it looks in 360º go to: Settings -> 3D-Spherical Panorama -> New panorama -> Layer from Selected Layer (this setting puts the photo in 360º scan mode).

3- To return to the equirectangular view from the panoramic view, click on the lower right corner “Spherical Map”. The program will open 2 tabs, one with the equirectangular image and another for the 360º. Both of these tabs are connected, when you illustrate on the equirectangular tab it automatically appears in the 360º.

4- You should illustrate in the equirectangular tab rather than the 360º image, the latter functioning as a view/navigation tab.

360 image, Voxelscope, edition, photoshop

360º image edition on photoshop before uploading it to Voxelscop

5- Before starting the illustration, create a horizon line that will help to locate elements in the space and in the illustration.

6- Always illustrate in layers separated from the original image.

7- The separator “Spherical Map” will have all the layers isolated but the 360º separator groups the layers allowing them to rotate simultaneously.

8- After completing the illustration go to the 3D settings bar, Export Panorama and save in JPEG.


Now that you know how to edit 360º photos on Photoshop, you can start creating your next VR/360 Marketing campaign at Voxelscope!

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