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  • Free monthly views: 500
  • Upload up to: 100 MB
  • 360º VR Creator
  • 360º VR Player
  • 360º VR banner advertising
  • Unlimited projects
  • Basic analytics
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per month

  • Free monthly views: 7000
  • Cost per extra view: 0.006€
  • Upload up to: 100GB
  • All basic features
  • Ads free experiences
  • Custom logo
  • Custom splash screen
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per month

  • Free monthly views: 50K
  • Cost per extra view: 0.005€
  • Upload up to: 3TB
  • All starter features
  • Ecommerce addons
  • Advanced analytics
  • External analytics tracking
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  • Unlimited monthly views
  • Unlimited uploads
  • All professional features
  • White label player
  • Costumizable Creator
  • Integration support
  • Dedicated specialist
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Frequently asked questions

What is a “View”?

A view is defined as an impression of a 360º VR experience. Every time someone sees your experience it counts as a view.

Does my audience need any device to see my VR experiences?

No, all 360º VR experiences created through Voxelscope can be seen on desktop, mobile and all headsets. A VR headset will obviously provide a more immersive experience but it is not necessary.

What happens when I run out of “Views” in my free account during the month?

Once you exceed your plan’s monthly limit, your experiences will start showing advertisement in them until you upgrade your account or the month ends.

Are the free views per VR project or per account?

The free monthly views described on the pricing is for the entire account. This is calculated by adding the views of all the VR experiences on your account.

Do the “Views” I make while advertising through Voxelscope count towards my plan’s monthly limit?

No. All the advertising campaigns done through our platform are paid separately and the views/impressions of the advertised experiences do not count towards your plan’s limit.

How do I pay for the advertising campaigns?

All the advertising campaigns are paid separately from monthly plans which means you can create a 360º VR banner campaign even with the free plan. We will charge you only the amount spent on advertising.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep using our platform on the Free Plan. Notice that we do not issue refunds or credits for the amount of time left in your subscription.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Of course, you’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or delete your account whenever you’d like.

I am running a business and your pricing does not fit in my needs

Just send us an email to support@voxelscope.com, we will work it out together.

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